Who We Are

TAURI industries GmbH is a rising, innovative company with almost 15 years of experience in aircraft manufacturing and design. During the last years historical replica biplanes have been built and delivered to a wide community of aviation enthusiastic customers and small enterprises. Now, we set the focus on the innovative and globally growing unmanned aviation market to provide a fully autonomous UAS designed for multiple missions, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. 
The next generation aircraft system, currently under development, is aimed to make the world more connected, safe and smart for a global networked future. With experience in aviation sector, we design innovative aircraft systems and respond quickly to ongoing changes in the emerging aviation industry. 

Unmanned Aircraft Solutions


At Tauri industries we use state of the art technology to bring our customers the best possible solutions on the market.
Our unmanned aerial vehicle combines powerful software with secure hardware to achieve manual and autonomous operation with the best performance during a flight.
The selected high-precision sensors and cameras provide the eagle’s perspective for our customers, in any weather conditions during day and night.

The efficient propulsion systems and excellent aerodynamics of our UAVs ensure safe endurance missions in any terrain.
Get an overview of our latest developments in the field of unmanned systems.